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School system rounds up 212 new students

KRoundUp    As a bonus for signing up for kindergarten, Justin Mulkey has his face painted like a dragon by Jennie Hutto Smith at the Board of Education’s Kindergarten Round-Up. Representatives from each elementary school were on

hand to help with registering new students, and after taking an entrance exam each student got their face painted to their liking. The BOE reports 212 new students entered the school system at the event held last Wednesday and Thursday, which is in line with previous years.

    If parents were not able to register their child at the Round-Up, forms are available at, at each school, and at the central office on D.B. Carroll Street, in Jasper. Beginning Monday, April 21, parents may call the school in their district to make an appointment for registration. If parents are unsure which school their child will attend, they may call Pickens County Schools Transportation Department at 706-253-1727.

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