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Blanton sentenced in Ball Ground killing

    Emotions ran high in a Cherokee County Superior Court last week when the Ball Ground woman originally charged for killing her stepfather, then leaving the body to decompose before calling police, was sentenced to 10 years in jail.
    Andrea Blanton, 46, was arrested after the Cherokee Sheriff's office was dispatched in May of 2013 to perform a welfare check on her stepfather, James Minor Reece, 77.  Authorities found Reece dead and in an advanced state of decomposition at the home on Northridge Road in Ball Ground, later learning that Blanton lived with Reece and served as his primary caregiver.
    Reece’s body was sent to the GBI crime lab where evidence of strangulation was discovered.

     See this week's print or online editions for the rest of this story.


+1 #1 Anita 2014-03-28 12:19
Pretty outrageous of a crime and even more outrageous sentence. How lazy can District Attorneys get???? constant deal making, we could save money fire DAs and use robots to "make deals".
Reality check
0 #2 Reality check 2014-03-28 15:31
Anita, you are right on! PEOPLE, remember these things next time folks run for D.A. and judge. I know this was in Cherokee county, but it pertains to your judges and D.A.'s too. Ten years for strangling a human being? What a joke, and a shock to law-abiding society. The D.A. should just quit, and the judge that accepted the plea, newly elected, mind you, should also just resign. These people are ridiculous. Lawyers already had a bad reputation, but those involved with that case are worthless. A man facing the same charges would have plead to at least 20 years. Society is irrepairable, folks, lock your doors and arm yourselves.
pinto colvig
0 #3 pinto colvig 2014-03-28 17:48
baffles me... If Pickens County DA was in charge this gross incompetence would make sense, but I don't know what slug is in charge down in Cherokee County...
Kathy Hewitt
0 #4 Kathy Hewitt 2014-03-31 17:02
I agree with the statement about the Pickens County "new" DA, (for those unaware she was "suppose" to have "cleaned-up" Blue Ridge while she was their City Prosecutor. From what I hear she hasn't cleaned Jasper up, just ONE MORE ON THE GOOD OLE BOYS BANDWAGON!!!(if ya know what I mean!) But back to the ACTUAL situation I totally agree w/all. The citizens SHOULD BE DEMANDING to know WHY she got off so light.Maybe she "NARKED" on some petty anty drug dealer. That seems to be the "DEAL of the YEAR" everywhere. I know for a fact that a woman using her car to try to KILL a DAWSON CTY DEPUTY (she actually brushed his pants as he dove for safety to prevent his death-he was putting her boyfriend in the backseat at entrance of Arbys.This happened in Sept 13, She also hit a Walmart employee as she left Walmart(stealin g) then ran redlight crossing over 400 DURING eve. rushhour(only God prevented alot of deaths that day!) This same Officer came upon her wreck,HE put the FIRE out tried to get her out of the car. (She seem to be deceased) I was told THEIR DA is offering her a "DEAL" giving her ONLY 5 yrs. for ALL these FELONIES. Till WE as Citizens OF Ga. DEMAND that these DAs' QUIT pussyfooting around with the CRIMINALS & NOT JUST PUT THEM BEHIND BARS BUT ALSO PUT THEM TO "HARD LABOR" WE PAY FOR THEIR 3 HOTS & COTS WITH OUR TAXES. THEY PLAY CARDS & SLEEP WHILE WE PAY FOR THEIR LAZY LIFE. IF WE'D GO BACK TO BLACK/WHITE STRIPPED UNIFORMS & WORK FROM DAYLIGHT TO DARK IN FIELDS & BUSTING ROCKS LAYING RAILROAD TIES THEY WILL JUST KEEP ON BEING CRIMINALS. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT WE'RE JUST ABOUT AS BAD AS THEM CAUSE WE'RE THE ONES THAT ARE PUTTING THESE DUMMIES IN OFFICE!! "HECK NO, WE AIN'T TAKING IT NO MORE STILL SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT SLOGAN - DON'T YOU THINK

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