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No decision on whether county will take over animal shelter

animalshelterVolunteers at the Pickens County Animal Shelter give a shelter dog vaccinations.



Animal shelter discussion tabled

    The board of commissioners tabled making a decision about taking on management of the county animal shelter until next month’s regular meeting. 
    Following requests from Pickens County Sheriff Donnie Craig, the commissioners’ office is considering taking over the Pickens County Animal Shelter, which is currently operated by the sheriff’s office. 

    According to Craig, talks of the county’s eventual oversight of the shelter were on the table when it was built in 2009. Craig said his office has taken on more responsibilities over the last few years, which along with budget cuts, have stretched the department’s resources thin.
    Craig noted that in nearly 100 percent of Georgia counties that house shelters they are operated by the county government, and in many cases managed through the county marshal’s office.

New water lines to improve fire protection at Hill City Elementary

    A new 10-inch water line to be connected to the fire hydrant near Hill City Elementary will increase flow capacity and provide additional protection for the school. 
    The school system has agreed to pay for materials - estimated to cost between $30,000 and $35,000 - with the county to supply labor.
    According to county commission chair Rob Jones the line is a dedicated line for the hydrant. No other residences or business will tap on, he said.
    The county will not charge hookup or other associated fees to the school.   

Private road solution one step closer

    County commissioners unanimously voted to move forward with a proposal from Wild Timber residents who want their private roads completed and adopted by the county.
    The roads went uncompleted after the developer went bankrupt.
      Residents have offered to pay for materials if the county will adopt the roads and provide labor to have them paved.
    The county is also looking at making changes to their ordinances to prevent similar problems in the future.

Rezoning request approved

    The board of commissioners approved a request to rezone 10.68 acres on Kelso Road from Agricultural to Rural Residential.

Nepotism policy approved

    The board unanimously added a policy that will restrict employment of relatives to avoid favoritism.
    Under the new policy it is now prohibited for two relatives to work under the same supervisor. In addition, an employee may not work under a supervisor who is related by blood or law.

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