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How will SPLOST be used?

    Pickens County Seal


     A proposed SPLOST with projected collections of $30 million will appear on the May 20 ballot, with a strong focus on infrastructure and services.
    Pickens County Commission Chair Rob Jones and Jasper Mayor John Weaver are scheduled to speak at the 

March 11 County Chamber of Commerce Breakfast about this SPLOST. The breakfast will be held at Chattahoochee Technical College at 7 a.m.
    According to information released by the county commissioners office, the overwhelming majority of collections are earmarked for the construction, repair and resurfacing of roads.         There is also a significant portion tagged for strengthening fire services in areas of the county that are currently under served and suffer high ISO ratings.
    County and city leaders have said major budget cuts from the state have left roads in disrepair. The city now receives approximately $40,000 a year for road projects, while the county receives approximately $400,000.
    Under terms of agreement, portions of the SPLOST collections will go to the cities of Jasper and Nelson and the town of Talking Rock.
    Jasper will receive 20 percent of collections; Nelson will receive 2.43 percent; Talking Rock is allocated .22 percent, with the remainder going to Pickens County projects.
    According to Commission Chair Rob Jones, distribution of the funds will be very different from distribution of the 2008 SPLOST, which funded courthouse renovations and paid off debt on the administration building and jail. 
    Jones said under this SPLOST there are no Tier 1 projects, which by state law must be funded before other SPLOST projects.
    “What is going to happen is that each month that sales tax money comes in, each entity will get their percent of that money,” Jones said. “So each month Jasper will get 20 percent, and so on.”
    Under the 2008 SPLOST, the cities of Nelson, Talking Rock and Jasper did not receive any funding until the very end of the collection period, and the library renovation project received no funding due to significant shortfall in expected collections.
    Jones pointed out that this one-cent tax, if passed by voters, will be a continuance of the 2008 SPLOST that is expiring this year.
    “This is not going to be an additional cent on top of that one,” Jones said. “Taxpayers will be paying the same amount at the register.”
According to information released by the county, proposed SPLOST projects include:

•Roads, streets and bridges – Pickens County - $14,418,000
     This will include the resurfacing and repairing of roads, streets and bridges in need of attention.

 •Roads, streets and bridges – City of Jasper - $6,000,000
      At a recent city-county meeting, Jasper Mayor John Weaver said the city aims to repave over 90 percent of roads inside the city limits, including roads in subdivisions. Plans include roundabouts and improvements to some city sidewalks. 

•Public Safety & Equipment – Pickens County - $5,987,000
    Pickens Fire and Rescue projects include three new fire stations, renovation of three existing stations five new fire trucks and replacement of equipment ($4,136,800); Pickens County Sheriff’s Office plans to replace vehicles and equipment ($1.2 million); Pickens EMS projects include remounts on three emergency vehicles ($500,000); and Pickens County E-911 plans to upgrade 911 systems to eliminate “dead zones.”  

•Pickens  Public Library - $2,000,000
    Expansion of public library at existing facility to include a technology wing.

•Pickens County Water & Sewer - $800,000
    Replacement of antiquated water lines in Jerusalem and Tate communities.

•City of Nelson - $729,000   
    To include improvements to street system and sidewalks, as well as the purchase of a generator for city hall.

•Talking Rock - $66,000
    Parks and recreational facility improvements.


jerry jameson
-1 #1 jerry jameson 2014-03-15 20:12
how about the splost money go to several more snow plow trucks and equipment to ensure we dont have a repeat of past snowed roads where its too dangerous for even emergency personnel to get out on calls especially emergencies. this including salt spreaders and a brine machine set up to treat rds before the snow and ice hits the area..
mark max
+1 #2 mark max 2014-03-17 17:27
How sad..the library will get 2mil while the sheriff's office will only get 1.2. Meanwhile the Deputies have not gotten a raise in over 4 years and get paid less then a McDonald's manager. Where are all of the angry parents that wanted more Deputies in the schools? Where are the residents who yelled about not having enough coverage thru the county? And the city of Jasper will get a big chunk of the money that county residents are paying so they can have pretty roads. Are they not getting all the tax revenue from every large retailer due to the county lines being changed so they are in city limits when ever a new business opens? Is there not a way that we can make a SPLOTS tax just for the county and county developments that county residents pay?
pinto colvig
+1 #3 pinto colvig 2014-03-18 19:51
mark max - no worries about low-paid deputies. they can use their crappy salaries as an incentive to skim off the cash, weapons and other contraband they confiscate from criminals, or to make profit sharing deals with the drug dealers. corruption is a big money maker...

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