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Attorneys for Ryan Quinton issue statement

From Ross D. Grisham and Scott T. Poole



Grisham & Poole, PC, is a criminal defense law firm with offices in Canton and Jasper, Georgia, and we have been retained to represent Mr. Ryan Quinton in all criminal matters stemming from the tragic accident that resulted in the death of his bride, Kali Quinton, on December 29, 2013. 

We appreciate both the Cherokee and Pickens County DA’s Offices and the various law enforcement agencies involved working with us to get Mr. Quinton quickly processed through their detention facilities and back home to his loved ones.  The families have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support they have received throughout this ordeal and ask that you continue to keep them in your thoughts.

That being said, Mr. Quinton’s arrest only compounds the anguish he has already experienced in dealing with the loss of his wife.  As his lawyers, we have advised Mr. Quinton not to discuss the case with anyone, including members of the press.  Likewise, the family does not wish to be contacted by members of the media and will not be taking questions regarding Mr. Quinton’s arrest.  This release is the only statement which will be issued on behalf of Mr. Quinton and his family. 

The Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit us from commenting on the evidence of the case or how Mr. Quinton will plea to the charges.  Like all persons charged with a crime, Mr. Quinton is presumed to be innocent and we will make every effort to protect his rights and the integrity of the judicial system as the case progresses.






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