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Parked cars broken into at Carters Lake


Boat ramp at Carter's Lake.

    A couple of Pickens cyclists returned from a ride Sunday to find a window smashed and some possessions gone after leaving their vehicle at a Carters Lake parking lot.

    Judy Galvin said  they were surprised that the window had been smashed while their car sat at the re-regulation dam park on Old 411 during broad daylight.
    “There were a lot of people at the park,” she said. “I can’t believe it happened in broad daylight and no one saw anything.”
    Galvin said an officer from the Murray County Sheriff’s Office told her there had been quite a few car break-ins recently. A supervisor with the Army Corps of Engineers, who manages the lake, said they would increase patrols there.
    Galvin said the deputy thought it may have been kids who broke into the car, as some of the items taken were of no value, such as a hair brush and a monogrammed canvas tote bag while several gift cards where left and a wallet apparently missed by the thieves rummaging through the car.

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