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At Love, Sex and other Unmentionables, young people encouraged to keep boundaries

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Local students hear about Love, Sex and other Unmentionables.

By Laiken Owens
Intern Reporter

    The Love, Sex and other Unmentionables program sponsored by The North Georgia Pregnancy Center talked about why young people should wait for marriage and answered questions that teens may have about sex.

    One PHS student, Cutyr Heffner, said, “The event showed me that there are people who are pure, and people who are married and had waited.”
    Some students in attendance, including Heffner, are members of Students Teaching About Relationships for Success (STARS). a high school program that promotes abstinence. The group not only discusses this lifestyle but also goes to the local middle schools to spread their message. “My opinion on sex before marriage is that I would prefer everyone to wait, but I know that’s not possible,” said Heffner. “The good thing is even if you have had sex, you can make the decision not to do it again.” 
    Speakers at the event like Lori Kennedy spoke from her experience as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. She now inspires others to seek God’s mercy and grace. “There is love no matter where you are,” said Kennedy.
    Jenifer Johnson, speaker and an employee of the Atlanta Public School System, talked to the young audience on a personal level and ask what they felt about love and sex. She also drew from experiences that her students have gone through. “God does have a story that he’s weaving in your life,” said Johnson.
    Barrett Johnson is a minister, speaker and recently became an author with his book, The Talk: A Parent’s Guide to Conversations About Sex, Dating and Other Unmentionables. He and Jenifer Johnson have been married for 23 years; have five children and one grandchild.
    Young married couple Tyler and Elizabeth Smith spoke about marriage before sex. Mr. Smith mostly spoke to the young men in the room. He talked about his personal experiences before he met Elizabeth as well as his relationship with her. “There are three practical ways to stay pure,” he said. “Don’t allow yourself to be in opportunities for temptation, set boundaries and keep those boundaries,” said Mr. Smith.
    Elizabeth mainly spoke to the young ladies in the audience, and spoke about the dating experience she had with her husband. “We were never alone, because we decided when we went out it would be in a group or we would be with one another’s family,” she said. Her ways to prevent a situation for temptation were respect boundaries that are made, don’t push them and dress modestly. Tyler and Elizabeth decided to wait for marriage before having sex. Mrs. Smith said, “I am so grateful to God for waiting.” Her closing statement was, “Pursue marriage as God intended, because it is best.”
    The North Georgia Pregnancy Center (NGPC) sponsors this program every year which is open to everyone. For more information go to www.nga or call 706-253-6303.

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