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Winter storm leaves florists scrambling for Valentine's Day

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           A snowy shot from west Pickens mid-morning Thursday.

           For florists in the area this week’s winter storm has made one of the top two money making days of the year  - Valentine's Day – even more stressful than usual.


            “We usually start making pre-orders on Wednesday, but we couldn’t get here,” said Honeysuckle Florist Manager Rachel Reece. “Thank God we were able to get here today, but usually we have those pre-orders finished by now and already some extras for people who will walk in.”


            Reece said tomorrow is going to be a “wait and see,” and that she expects men who typically come in to place orders the two days prior to Valentine’s to come in tomorrow.
            “We have a lot of gentlemen wait until the last minute,” she said. “I’d say half of our orders are walk in, and we’re going to see all of that tomorrow, so yes I think it will have an impact on us.”


            Reece said she has had messages forwarded to her personal phone so she could take orders from home, and that yesterday she received about 12 pre-orders.


            Over at Jasper Florist & Gifts they also started late and are having trouble making deliveries that were scheduled for today.


            “Some of them we can get to, some of them we can’t,” said florist Connie Childers. “We have deliveries scheduled for companies, but they’re not open. But we are working hard to get everything done.”


             With roadways expected to refreeze overnight, florists are hoping roads thaw out quickly tomorrow so they can get into work.


            Local florist Kay Bruce was scheduled to drive down to Canton to work today, but because of the weather was not able to make it. Bruce, like others interviewed, said it will depend on conditions of the roads in the morning as to what time she will leave.


            Artistic Design & Gifts said they have a good crew working full steam ahead to keep up with orders, and that while they got started late “we are here working now and will have everything done and will have plenty made up for people walking in to get arrangements,” said Judy Parker.


            Parker said tomorrow they will still offer deliveries, and hope to make deliveries to more mountainous areas like Big Canoe.


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