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Spotting coyote tracks in the snow


Photo of coyote track from Mike Cain.

   While the weather today is not ideal for much, a solid snow offers a unique chance to see if you have coyotes near your house.

   Mike Cain, of Cain’s Wildlife Removal, was able to use the last snow here to gauge the number of coyotes near the Joy House for a removal job he has underway there (see last week’s e-edition). He estimated four based on tracks.

         While even professional trackers acknowledge that telling dog tracks from coyote is difficult, Cain offers some tips to get started.

 • A coyote track is more oblong or egg-shaped than a dog’s.

• Coyote tracks are more compact than a dog track.

• For coyotes, their hind foot pad is generally smaller than the front.

• Finally it is not uncommon to see a coyote track where the claws are less prominent than a dog’s where the claws are more visible in the snow or mud. Dogs also tend to have blunter nails than the coyote.

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