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Doug Collins most conservative Georgian in Congress

Northeast Georgia’s Congressman is #16 Nationally

WASHINGTON, Feb 6 – In its annual rating of Congress released today, National Journalidentified Congressman Doug Collins (GA-09) as the most conservative member of Georgia’s Congressional Delegation and the sixteenth most conservative Member of the House of Representatives overall.

On studying the rankings, Congressman Collins said, “I tell people all the time that Northeast Georgia is where you’ll find the ‘complete conservative’—those highly informed citizens who carefully consider both social and economic factors when they make their decisions. As the elected representative of Northeast Georgians, this ranking came as no surprise to me.”  Collins continued, “My district wants to see conservatism that works.  They want to see their values expressed in an effective way.  That’s what I’ve set out to do for them, and I’m glad one of the most fair and respected publications in Washington recognized that.”

National Journal has been assessing and ranking Members of Congress on the ideological scale since 1981.  The nonpartisan ranking system took into consideration the 641 House votes taken in the first session of the 113th Congress.  For a full explanation of National Journal’s methodology, click here.

National Journal’s complete ratings, broken down by state delegation, can be found here.


pinto colvig
-1 #1 pinto colvig 2014-02-07 21:45
Translation: Mr. Collins is the officially most socially and fiscally bass-ackward politician in the most politically bass-ackward state in the nation. Congrats north Georgia - you have elected the biggest, whitest, dumbest @$4hole in the country to represent you in Congress...
The Truth
-2 #2 The Truth 2014-02-11 10:59
Not the biggest fan of Collins, some good and some not so good. That said, if you don't like north Georgia why don't you move to Chicago? Believe you would feel more at home.
pinto colvig
-1 #3 pinto colvig 2014-02-11 19:59
I love North Georgia. That's why I hate to see it all plummet to hell like this...
The Truth
+1 #4 The Truth 2014-02-13 12:37
Well, you leaving would be step in the right direction.

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