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Hill City and Harmony advance to regional reading bowl


    Harmony team: Amberley Clark, Haley Voyles, Mykel Hand, Joseph Adams, Abigail Ottosen, Caroline Jordan, Tammy Boggus-coach, Ishan Iqbal, Susan Anderson - coach, Conner Williams.

     Area elementary students participated in the county Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl competition hosted by Harmony Elementary School Jan. 27. Hill City and Harmony Elementary School advanced to regional competition.



HCES Literary Lizards Reading Quiz Bowl Team: (l-r) Cassidy Wiman, Sadie Phillips, Ellie Halko, Kylie Pinson, Peyton Johnson, Coach Kristie Moss, Jada Cline, Heather Vincent, Brooke Bell.


Stephanie Duncan
0 #1 Stephanie Duncan 2014-02-06 15:44
Also, missed in the picture is Piper Duncan. Way to go to both teams for all of their hard work!
Bob Rose
0 #2 Bob Rose 2014-02-06 17:21
If K-1 teachers at Hill City and Harmony are teaching students to write the alphabet fluently, their dyslexia rate will be zero, and our community will be famous througthout the world!

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