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DOT out in full force to handle snow

“Drivers need to be slow and cautious,” says DOT engineer


 A shot of Main Street in Jasper with a blanket of snow early afternoon on Tuesday.           

  According to regional DOT engineer Sam Wheeler, his crews are in full swing to treat roadways being blanketed with snowfall expected to continue into the evening Tuesday, Jan. 28.



            Wheeler said there are two DOT trucks in Pickens equipped to apply a salt mixture, and that both will be working through midnight to treat state highways.


            “We are prioritizing,” Wheeler said. ”We will start with bridges because they freeze first, then we will work Highway 515 north and south, then Highway 53 business into Jasper before hitting Highway 53 west and east. Then we’ll address highways 108 and 136.”


            Wheeler expects all of these roads to be treated by 5 p.m., with crews continuing to treat roadways through midnight.


            “With what I am seeing, I don’t expect we will use the scrapers unless we get heavier, wetter snow,” he said. “It’s possible we’ll use the scraper on Burnt Mountain Road.”


            Wheeler said while the snowfall Pickens is experiencing is not icy, enough of the white stuff can create slick conditions.

            “It’s flurries right now, but if enough snow builds up and drivers start going over it with their vehicles it can get slick,” he said. “Drivers need to be slow and cautious.” 

           Around 11 p.m., Pickens emergency crews were working several wrecks across the county.

           Crews said Henderson Mountain road is extremely slick. Highway 515 also appears to be a trouble spot. 



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