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After SPLOST collections fall short, county to shoulder most of rec. center cost

Pickens County Seal 3d    Monday evening the parking lot at the Pickens County Community Center was completely full. Basketball practice and yoga was happening in the main gyms while a  karate class was underway in one of the back rooms.
    Since it opened in 2011 the community center has become a popular facility for Pickens residents who use it for sports, meetings, wedding and baby showers, and a host of other events.

    There’s no question that the building is being utilized, but now that collections from the 2008 SPLOST (sales tax) are complete and more than $10 million lower than budgeted, it appears that Pickens taxpayers will shoulder about $2.2 million of the cost for the $3 million building.
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Mr. Wilson
-1 #1 Mr. Wilson 2014-01-15 20:09
This was a facility that while utilized was not needed. The school system has excellent facilities that BELONG to the public, should have been used by the public AT COST or free. It's "another" mistake by the former sole commissioner, but the citizens are holding the bag. Start charging usage fees and spin recreation off to a independent entity.
-1 #2 timco 2014-01-16 04:12
time to raise the fee's to use the center..
-1 #3 Trident 2014-01-16 16:37
I think the Community Building is an asset to the community but about incompetence!! 1st the Commish under estimated the cost by $1.4 million! 2nd he was taking a chance we might or might not have the funds when he knew the economy was in a severe downturn and would take years to recover. So now what? Will our property taxes go up to cover the overage or shortfall, that is depending on which way you're spinning it. I figure he is banking on the next splost to pay for it now?
-1 #4 Snoopy 2014-01-17 00:14
My doghouse is available 24/7/365 for one hambone
Mr. Wilson
-1 #5 Mr. Wilson 2014-01-19 23:38
A former commissioner told me the county was in a 18 million dollar hole. I asked for proof, and it was flimsy at best. For being someone that "despises debt" he sure has gotten us in a lot of financial jams. Time to do day of reckoning and pare it down to minimal services until we can afford "luxuries". Also it would help if we had "real" economic development that could help share the load.

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