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Jasper man builds snow-making machine


                                                                                                                               Damon Howell / Photo

     One Fitts Road  family made the most of this week's arctic cold snap with their very own homemade snow-making machine. Kenny Lyman built the machine after his third-grade daughter Samantha begged him for snow.

    "We had those snows in 2010 then nothing for two years," he said. "She kept talking about wanting more snow."
    Monday afternoon was the third time this year the Lymans have cranked up the blower.
    Pictured, Kenny inspects his machine while Samantha plays beside her igloo. See the Progress’ Facebook page for a video of this machine in action.
    The Lymans have other interesting gadgets at their home, including solar panels, a solar water heater and a wind turbine.


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