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County to take out $6 million TAN

Budget overages led to diminishing fund/cash balances, according to report




     At their January work session, the board of commissioners accepted a bid from Regions Bank for a $6 million Tax Anticipated Note, or TAN, to help fund 2014 operations. 
    TANs are short-term loans, which for several years have been used by the Pickens government to cover operating expenses. They have also been the subject of much public criticism the past two years.
    TANs are typically originated in the beginning of January and must be paid off no later than December 31 of the same year.

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+3 #11 E.W. 2014-01-17 14:30
Quoting Trident:
EW, it appears they have removed her contract from viewing. Perhaps the Progress can get a copy for the public to see.

Well you are in luck. You can go to and still view it. Go to videos. Scroll down to education. Click on 1/09/14. Scroll down from video and you'll get the minutes with her contract. Can't promise it won't disappear but it was there this morning.
+3 #12 E.W. 2014-01-17 14:41
My understanding of a 49% employee is that they can only work part time. That alone should concern some.
Want to have some real fun go to open open.georgia.go v. Not only does the school system keep an attorney on payroll they paid an additional $77,000+ to an agency our board attorney is affiliated with. Punch in the attorney's last name in expenditures. What's the salary for ?

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