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Dogs put bite on homeowners insurance


Delores Barnes with her dog Duke, which a home inspector with Allstate determined to be a liability. 

    You love your dog – but your insurance company may see that furry friend as a liability and put a choke chain on your policy.
    That’s what happened to Pickens County resident Delores Barnes, who earlier this month received a letter saying her and her husband’s homeowners insurance would be cancelled because their “pet increased the potential for liability claims,” it said. 

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-1 #1 Snoopy 2013-12-21 22:44
Ah - leave it to the insurance gang to find another way to take another bite out of my dog dish. They sell what you don't want or need then charge you more for a mutt like me. My doghouse isn't safe with an agent around. - I'm gonna sick the Red Barron on y'all.

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