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Trial set for Samurai sword killing

Case transferred to juvenile court




The trial of a 17-year-old accused of killing his step-father with a single stab from a Samurai sword appears to be headed for trial in January, a year after the fatal argument at a basement apartment in a Preserve at Sharp Mountain subdivision home.

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Family of victim disappointed 

by court’s handling of case


The mother and a brother of Christopher Allen, the victim in the Samurai sword killing in November 2012, expressed disappointment with the way the case had been handled in the Pickens court system.

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pinto colvig
-1 #1 pinto colvig 2013-12-17 22:18
"Pulp Fiction" is a great film and I hope some frightened, spineless NRA member isn't going to blame the movie's iconic scene with Bruce Willis saving his nemesis by using a samurai sword for this horrible crime...
Jake Reed
+2 #2 Jake Reed 2013-12-19 00:39
look this kid used to sit behind me in world geography and he never seemed like someone to do this, but i can honestly say that whatever happens, happens. Nobody can change the fact of the victims fate. All they can do is try to get the courts to try him as an adult and not a juvenile. just because the crime was committed while he was a minor doesn't mean that the court should try him as a minor, but an adult.

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