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Ball Ground man facing 20 counts of animal cruelty



Purebred animals confiscated from former show handler



Press Release from Cherokee County Marshal's Office

 On Wednesday, October 16, 2013, the Cherokee County Marshal’s office investigated an animal cruelty case at 585 Creighton Road in Ball Ground. A complaint was called in to the Marshal’s Office because of suspicions of animal neglect.

The complainant expressed concerns due to terrible smells and barking coming from the property.

The Marshal’s Office executed a search warrant, and the officers, Animal Shelter staff, a local licensed vet, a representative from the Solicitor’s office and an inspector from the Department of Agriculture all went out to the property to investigate.




Cherokee County officers confiscated 19 dogs and 1 cat from the property. The dogs were purebred Great Pyrenees and Sheltie dogs. Five of the dogs were Great Pyrenees (one pictured above) and the rest were Shelties (at top). The dogs were emaciated and showed signs of serious neglect. The officers found dog carcasses, bones, rancid meat, and feces on the property.


The Marshal’s Office arrested the owner of the dogs, Rud Tietjen, 55, for 20 counts of animal cruelty. The owner used to show dogs in the late 80s to mid-90s.




+6 #1 Melissa 2013-10-18 03:14
Eye for an eye on this one- put the owner of these beautiful dogs in a 4x4 pen, starve him, and make him lay in his own feces. Too bad he will only get a year probation...may be.
-6 #2 Melissa 2013-10-18 03:23
Please take these pictures off. It is deeply disturbing that another so- called human being is capeable of this cruelty.
maggie elaina
+7 #3 maggie elaina 2013-10-18 13:41
If stories & photo's are taken off TV & out of newspapers, re: animal cruelty, how would the public be made aware of it, to actually try to do something about it. Going around with blinders on, does not help the victimized animals, does it!
+5 #4 Sonia 2013-10-18 15:37
I'm sure there is an especially hot place in hell for this person, but I hope their time here on Earth is just as uncomfortable!
The Peanuts gang
+3 #5 The Peanuts gang 2013-10-18 16:36
Quoting Melissa:
Please take these pictures off. It is deeply disturbing that another so- called human being is capeable of this cruelty.

Dear Melissa,

Photos show how things are instead of how we would all like them to be. Grisly war photos show how inhumanly cruel humans can be to other humans and auto wreck photos would lend an eye to many feel they are the worlds best drivers.

Photos are the real world and need to be shown more than presently allowed to convince those who think the world is all only loving goodness, mercy, honey and cream, and that bad things cannot possibly happen to them ..

Now, go home tonight and hug your family.
pinto colvig
-3 #6 pinto colvig 2013-10-18 22:22
I don't see what the big deal is. Those dogs in the photos are living larger than my kids!
+4 #7 Melissa 2013-10-19 03:05
Thank you peanuts and gang, and maggieelaina. You are both correct in that showing these photos will help people wake up and do something if they see this going on in their neighborhood
+1 #8 Robin 2013-10-19 22:11
There are hundreds of retired show dogs living in crates, getting minimal exercise if any at all, neglected, isolated and sometimes starving or fed so much they can't move around. Worse are the USDA inspected farms where the dogs are clean, fed, and housed but get no time out of a plastic bubble where they can't see anything but white walls and out the front of their cage and are never let out unless it is to breed. And these are the people who are obeying the law!

We do have to open our eyes and look at tragedy, injustice, and evil so that we can change things. Nothing was ever made right by sticking your head in the sand.

Glad to see you are looking Melissa.
0 #9 Sherry 2014-01-09 01:34
Wonder if they are available for adoption? Folks can argue and argue about the issues but until you look to yourself to make a difference you can't say anything about anyone else. So don't argue or be ugly just ask yourself, what can I do to help? Peace n Love

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