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“Bear”demonium causing traffic issues

Concern expressed for bear in tree;

crowds asked to give animal some space




   Jasper Police Officers are asking the crowds to stay back from the cele-BEAR-ity that has taken up residence in a high oak on the edge of downtown.

   The officers said the crowds are interfering with traffic, with people stepping out in front of cars to get pictures of the black bear that has been perched in a fork in the tree since 9 p.m. last night.

   Officers also expressed concern for the bear. The animal, thought to weigh between 250-300 pounds, moves every once in a while as though it is looking for a way down.

   It was also pointed out by that the bear hasn’t had any water since last night and it has gotten warm in the sun – especially when you have a big black fur coat on and are hanging on to a tree limb.

   Jasper's Animal Control Officer felt the bear would come down on its own and return to the woods if given a good break -- though it may wait until after dark and people leave. 



+3 #1 Bryan 2013-10-03 19:43
Staying in the tree any longer would be un-BEAR-able and as the sun sets you could BEAR-ly see him. But BEAR in mind he will come down. That is the BEAR facts of the story.

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