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Recollections of the 1938 Whitestone Flood


This is a photo of the article that ran in the 1938 edition of the Pickens County Progress following the Whitestone flood.

     Danny Attaway is a resident of Pickens County. The recent flooding inspired him to write about the deadly April 7, 1937 flood in Whitestone, Ga. There were 13 people killed in Whitestone when a general store was washed off its foundation. Two children from the Fonder family were staying with the Conner family at the store, which was also their home. It was the first night the Fonder children had spent the night away from home.




The Whitestone Flood

By Danny Attaway

May the recent rains and falling timber
make us all reflect, look back and remember
upon a fearful night back in 38
when the Conner family met their fate
Mother Father Sons and Daughters
were all swept away by the swirling waters
The parents of two with the Conners that night
awoke to the rain and a terrible sight
the creek between them rose beyond belief
as they stood there helpless and took on their grief
their attempts to rescue were all in vain
as the Conner house crumbled in the pouring rain
At daylight they stood in the wake of the flood
everyone searched through the rubble and mud
for the 13 souls could not be ignored
as they were ushered in the presence of our almighty Lord
the waters rose in the night as they slept
13 people perished, and all of town wept


+1 #1 James 2013-08-15 19:33
The visiting childerns last name I believe was Ponder and not Fonder
Douglas Lindsey
0 #2 Douglas Lindsey 2014-02-09 16:31
Visting at the home was my Great Uncle Carl Lindsey. My Great Aunt is Martha Lindsey (Conner) Franks wife.

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