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July 4th activities in Jasper still on go


People attending events urged to use common sense

regarding weather




City of Jasper crews  install a parade grand stand in the rain Wednesday afternoon, even as rain poured down and with the occasional thunder and lightning. Photo/Damon Howell



   Independence Day sponsor, the Lions Club, and the city of Jasper say that as of noon today all activities are still on go.

            Darlene Handy, chair of the Lions Club 2013 celebration committee, said they are being optimistic and sticking to the original schedule. She said they will not cancel any of the events early but could be forced to make changes near event times if the weather is so bad that it's not possible to continue on with a parade, fireworks or talent show.

       Handy said  the fireworks supplier indicated that they will work in anything short of a downpour so plans are for the fireworks show to go on tomorrow night if at all possible.

            Jasper Mayor John Weaver said he was leaving any cancellations up to the Lions Club with city crews already working throughout the day in the rain to prepare for the holiday celebration -- hoping for a break in the weather.

            “[Weather Forecaster] Karen Minton says we may not be able to have it, but you never know; the clouds may break at just the right time for the parade,” Weaver said.

            Weaver, as well as a sheriff official, both said it’s up to the sponsor Lions until it becomes an issue with public safety involving thunder or lightning or rain so heavy that it’s simply not safe to have people out, in which case events could be cancelled last minute.

     Officials encouraged anyone attending the parade to use their best judgment. “If it’s thundering or lightning or raining so hard you can’t see, use some common sense,” Weaver said.

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