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After 17 years, Main Street Clothing packs up


    After 17 years, Main Street Clothing will close in July. Owner Bobby Mullinax (above) says the loss of local shoppers to new retail areas in Cherokee and Dawson counties forced his single location store out of business.

     Citing a barrage of business challenges, Main Street Clothing owner Bobby Mullinax announced he will close his doors for a final time in early July.
    A 57-year veteran of retail clothing, Mullinax wasn’t sure exactly when the last day of Main Street Clothing will be as he is also caring for his wife who was injured in a fall that happened after he decided to close the shop.
    Mullinax operated Main Street Clothing on Jasper’s Main Street for 17 years, catering to both men and women for business and casual attire.

    Find out more about this Main Street staple and why owner Bobby Mullinax finally gave up the ghost in our print and online editions.



+1 #1 edge770 2013-06-26 16:13
A shame but a couple of hits here..
1. It was difficult to get wardrobe on quick notice. Though we did buy some clothes there..
2. A lot of us work late, or around early. 8-5 doesn't work for 3/4 of Pickens County folks that have jobs.
3. No website, no Facebook your an unknown.

We really try to shop local, but it's a struggle for the customer. Sorry to see it though.

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