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Perry signs one-year contract as Pickens school superintendent


            At a called meeting Wednesday, Dr. Lula Mae Perry was hired to a one-year contract as the superintendent for Pickens County schools.

            Previous discussion by the board had indicated that Perry, who served 12 years as the superintendent in Jeff Davis County before retirement, would only get an initial six-month interim contract.



            At the meeting Wednesday, the board expressed their pleasure with bringing the veteran superintendent to Pickens County.

            Dr. Perry responded saying that she looked forward to working with the board and appreciated their show of support.  See previous story on this.



            She said during retirement she had “missed her children” and is excited to have 4,300 children when the school year opens.

            School board attorney Phil Landrum, who was closely involved with the negotiations with Perry, said the originally proposed six-month contract would have ended right as Pickens County would be entering their main accreditation period (SACS). He said it would be tough to have one superintendent do all the groundwork and then have to hand it off to someone else right as that process cranked up.

            See more details on her hiring and contract in our print edition next week.

            • In other business, the board held a lengthy discussion on how to handle pending personnel decisions that are on the agenda for tonight’s (June 20) meeting.

            The board did not appear to come to any decision. The board did express a general consensus that it would be better to wait to until the new superintendent officially takes over in July to hire positions, but at the same time they didn’t want to “leave people hanging.”

            Board chair Wendy Lowe said, “Dr. Perry will have to work with them. We need to give her a say.” And while he agreed, Board Member Mike Cowart pointed out there are a lot of people waiting on decisions

            The board discussed various early July meeting dates, but could not find one that would allow whole board participation to discuss the personnel moves with Perry. In the end, it appears that the board will revisit the personnel issues at tonight’s meeting or attempt to find an early July date where all five members and the superintendent are available.



+7 #1 edge770 2013-06-26 12:56
Lot of questions I see are NOT being answered.

1. What makes Lula Mae better than the other guys preceeding her?
2. Do we have a political situation where the board is creating problems for professional educators?
3. Where do we stand on economic achievement and improving the school system regardless of funding shortfalls?
4. This school board and all county agencies need to stop hiring "convenience" and hire those at the top. You don't have to pay big bucks, but willingness to let the pros do their jobs without interference or meddling.
If the new school superintendent is not hardy enough for the job. Then it's time to clean slate of the school board, and the school board attorney.
We need intellect, values, hard work, push the needle of excellence with frugal values. Need more D.B. Carroll's
pinto colvig
0 #2 pinto colvig 2013-07-01 21:09
paula deen is the new supe? I guess nowadays she's only good enough for Pickens County...
Just Saying
+2 #3 Just Saying 2013-07-03 18:35
Pinto appears to be attending one of the middle schools in Pickens county. I really hope that Dr. Perry is better than the last "Not so" Superintendent. I moved to Pickens to raise my children in what I considered to be an excellent school system but last year was the first time I felt like I picked the wrong place to live.
Bob Rose
+1 #4 Bob Rose 2013-07-06 21:11
Marily Adams' new book, "ABC Foundations for Young Children" proves first-graders still can't identify and write all of the alphabet letters. Let's hope Dr Perry can do better.

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