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Pickens prefers Newt by a landslide

Santorum finished ahead of Romney in Hinton, Jerusalem and Appalachian precincts


REVISED -- Pickens voters followed statewide trends fairly closely in the presidential primary vote yesterday giving Newt Gringrich 55 percent of the 5,137 votes cast here.

Statewide unofficial results showed Gingrich with a slightly lower winning percentage at about 50 percent of the votes. Gingrich who represented Georgia in Congress for 20 years was considered the likely victor going into the race in this state, which awards all it delegates to the top finisher.

The unofficial results in Pickens County were:

Newt Gingrich 2,759 votes (55 percent); Mitt Romney 1,183 votes (23 percent) Rick Santorum 797 votes (16 percent) Ron Paul 280 votes (6 percent).

None of the other candidates received more than 10 votes here.


Results in Pickens will remain unofficial as two provisional ballots cast Tuesday will be on hold until Friday. In one case there was a question of residency by someone casting a ballot. In the other case, there was a question of citizenship status by someone coming to vote. In both cases, the voter cast the ballot and the elections office will allow them until Friday to present documents to prove their legitimate status as a Pickens County voter.

In Pickens County, Newt Gingrich won every precinct by amounts ranging from 50 percent to 60 percent. He did the best in the Ludville, Townsend and Talking Rock boxes taking 60 percent in all three areas. He fared the worst in Jasper’s box with 51 percent and in Yellow Creek taking 53 percent of the ballots there.

In general the county precincts made Gingrich the top vote getter by a good majority with Romney coming in second with percentage of ballot in each precinct somewhere in the 15 percent to 20 percent range, except in Yellow Creek where he took 30 percent of the ballots.

The second finisher was Mitt Romney in most boxes except for a couple of west end precinct where Rick Santorum either tied or beat him. Santorum finished ahead of Romney in Hinton, Jerusalem and Appalachian precincts and tied in percentages with Romney at 20 percent in the Hill precinct.

Political maverick Ron Paul managed to take around 5 percent of the cards in most precincts but was the choice of 11 pecent of the voters in Hinton and ten percent in both Nelson and Ludville.

For further analysis and precinct by precinct totals see next week's print/e-editions.

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