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Grandview bear kill gets man in trouble


A Georgia Department of Natural Resources officer issued a citation to a Grandview area man after the man shot and killed a black bear out of season and without a permit Friday, July 15. According to DNR Wildlife Management Ranger Mitch Yeargin, who issued the citation, the bear kill took place at the man's home a little before 8 a.m.

Believing he had done nothing wrong, the homeowner (unnamed by Yeargin) contacted officials after the bear encounter to report killing the animal.

When a bear is standing such as the one to the right, it is only smelling the air, not preparing to attack, says wildlife biologists.

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+3 #21 Mountainliver 2011-08-08 01:47
Mr. Cleveland... We have many pictures, of her trying to get in our home, pacing back in forth in front of our doors, growling through our sliding glass doors at us, walking my porch rails, asleep on my patio table and on my deck, asleep in our truck bed and by the door of my car. We have pictures of her cubs dragging off my husbands work boots off the deck and her standing up looking in our windows, but the response we have gotten is that they are harmless. We have lived here our entire lives, been outdoor people and never encountered one like this.
0 #22 7thunders 2011-08-09 02:23
I was not there but DNR was and gave him a citation. So he must not of had good enough reason to kill the bear, or else he would of been in the clear. This is fact by the way and the DNR gave his opinion which was Mr. Cleveland that the man at no time was in danger. Read the article. A mother bear died for no good reason and three cubs are now orphan. I am going by the account DNR gave based on what the man said to them. Yes, he could have been afraid and misunderstood the actions of the bear, which is what DNR said he did, but nevertheless, one of God's most beautiful creatures is now gone. Ashes to Ashes and dust to dust, let her spirit now dwell in the arms of Mother Earth. May God the Creator now protect her cubs.
-1 #23 Stopthemadness 2011-08-10 15:21
Do you feel better now that you got that b.s. prayer out to make yourself look better?

People get a grip on reality would ya it's just a bear. The guy didn't kill a human. and he didn't think he was doing anything wrong and yet you badger and belittle because you think you are better. I really can't stand people who try to act like they are better than everyone a posture for an audience.
Tina Moore
0 #24 Tina Moore 2011-08-16 16:26
This man was a complete idiot. We have seen bears all around and they never even get near us. They run. They don't want trouble. From what I heard, (because I live in the idiot's neighborhood) was that he ws trying to protect his dog. I have 3 cats and before my dog passed away of old age, bears came in our yard all the time and never went near my animals. They look for berries and other food. We had a bear in our yard a few weeks ago (I am 99% sure it was the same bear). She was in our back yard with her 3 cubs. 2 of the cubs were playing with each other. Th eother cub was climbing a tree. Now, the cubs have no momma. This guy is a jerk and I wish they would put him in jail and move out of Bent Tree [editor's note: he was a Grandview resident, not necessarily a Bent Tree resident]. He shouldn't live here if he hates animals!!!!!
0 #25 snicho21 2011-08-29 15:09
We also live in the Grandview area and see bears on almost a daily basis. They have even climbed our fence and come into our back yard in the middle of the afternoon. We have seen one male that weighs over 400 pounds. A sow with 4 cubs and several other bears. We have identified about 8 different bears that we've seen so far. To date, they have not caused any problems however, they do get into the neighbors garbage cans and drag food all over the neighborhood. But I would not want to have a surprise encounter with the big male.

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