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Winter storm update: If you are stranded, call 911 now

40 crashes; 3 injuries in Pickens today

cove road snow

 Cove Road in the S curves is closed for the night according to the latest report from the county. This shot was taken about an hour before dark.

 Fire Chief Bob Howard said as darkness has set that anyone who is stuck in a vehicle or still hoping for help, should call 911 immediately, as emergency crews are “regrouping.”

   “People need to be aware that hypothermia is very real danger,” Howard said. “Spending a night in a car is dangerous.”

   Today, Pickens emergency crews worked 40 crashes with three people transported to hospitals. No fatalities.


Tonight, emergency crews are operating a shelter at Roper Park and preparing for another day where conditions aren’t expected to be any better.

   Cove Road is now closed Howard said with numerous vehicles blocking the steep curves.

   When asked if there were other roads that may be open but shouldn’t be used, Howard said, “All of them. Stay off the roads, especially county and side roads.

   Howard said at this time with darkness and temperatures dropping, if someone slid off the roadway, there is a good chance they wouldn’t be found.

   Our road crews and the DOT have a long night ahead of them, he said.

  For commuters, Howard said Highway 515 was passable but treacherous.




dave hanson
+8 #1 dave hanson 2014-01-29 00:56
thank God there were no fatalities

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