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Fontaine announces for 9th District

Bernard A. Fontaine (Bernie) announces his candidacy for the 9th Congressional District (the position currently held by Doug Collins). 

When asked why he’s running, his answer was straight forward: “You ask why? The Federal Government is an out of control freight train, the President is taking over and the Congress is inert.  Obviously, things have to change! But why me? I have a long record of thinking outside the box and getting things done. Those who know me can assure you of that. I am not your typical political operator. My presence will be felt here and in Washington. I am short on idle promises and soaring rhetoric. I prefer straight answers and rock solid logic. I will not be intimidated by politicians and like so many of our people I am totally disgusted by the lack of leadership. Stay tuned, you won’t be bored but you will get straight answers that make sense. Imagine that!”

Here’s a brief bio so you will have some idea of who I am:

Education: Master’s Degree in Public Administration; Bachelor’s Degree in Business; Associate Degree in Animal Husbandry; Doctoral Candidate Political Science (unlike Obama, anyone can see my grades)               

Military Service: 30 years active service. I went from a grunt Private in 1960, to Sergeant, to an Engineer Officer and Management up the line retiring as a Brigadier General in 1990; 1965 graduated NCO Academy, Honor graduate (top of class) Sergeant E-5; 1966    graduated OCS Fort Benning, Ga., 2nd Lieutenant (Airborne Ranger, Vietnam Veteran); 1976    graduated from Command and General Staff College  

1990-04 taught Political Science then became Night Dean at DeKalb College and at Georgia Military College

2012 - Presently serving with Georgia State Defense Force as Senior Advisor to the Commanding General for Search and Rescue Operations.

Other service to community:

• Union County Firefighter, NPQ 2

• National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR), National Board of Directors, Instructor, Lead Evaluator SARTECH I

• Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) instructor

• CPR instructor

Personal data: Married, four grown children, 12 grandchildren, Christian, Deacon