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Ken Herron to run for congress

On March 5, 2014 Ken Herron traveled to the State Capital in Atlanta and qualified to run for Congress in Georgia's 14th District.
The campaign started in October for Ken Herron.  He has visited all of the 12 counties in the district and is known by the Republican Officials in each of the counties.  His candidacy came about as a results of the realization that none of the members of Congress at this time seem to be writing bills that are designed to solve the problems of our country.  The Tea Party Issues of Term Limits, A Balanced Budget Amendment, and a continuous run of Ear Marks added to necessary bills has not been faced by the current Congressmen.  One of the issues that Ken Herron wants to face personally is the labeling packaged foods with the name of the country of origin.  He would like to see our Free Trade Policy changed to a Fair Trade Policy where we charge similar import duties on imported products to the amount of import tax the countries add to our products when they enter their countries.  He is 100% opposed to the Affordable Healthcare Act and wants to see healthcare returned to the doctor patient relationship.  He favors abolishing the IRS and moving to the Fair Tax.  He believes that Social Security is viable and would like to assist in modifying it so that it can continue indefinitely.  He believes that the illegal immigrate problem must be settled peaceably by sealing the borders and then dealing with those that are in the country.  Any illegals that are in the country with jobs should be given a temporary work permit and those who are not working should be returned to their native country.  The anchor baby practice should be eliminated.
Ken Herron has a history of solving problems and needs to be in the Congress using his talents.