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Democrat Charles Hendrix announces state house campaign


    Democrat Charles O. Hendrix Jr., a resident of Fairmount, Pickens County, has announced his candidacy for Georgia House of Representatives District 11. 
    “I served my country for more than 20 years wearing the uniform of the U.S. Army, protecting our nation, citizens and the Bill of Rights and Constitution. I took an oath to protect all of them. To this day I stand by that oath,” said Hendrix, who has entered the race to better represent the people of his district and of Georgia. “I served to protect a government of, by and for the people. The priorities set by some members of the current Georgia legislature are clearly not representative of what my rural community wants or needs. That is why I am running for the Georgia House,” he added.
    Hendrix will advocate for better jobs with a living wage. “It’s time for us to focus on creation of good paying jobs which is critical to Georgia’s economic future and family stability. I will promote policy that moves us toward a strong economic future.” Hendrix favors raising the minimum wage which would promote spending and stimulate Georgia’s economy. 
    Several rural Georgia hospitals have recently closed, and Hendrix favors Medicaid expansion in order to save those still open and to provide medical services to thousands of unemployed and underemployed Georgians. 
    Hendrix also cited current House Bill HB875 as an example of legislating for special interests, not the will of the people.  “The people did not ask for this law. Georgia Carry did,” said Hendrix, referring to the powerful “no compromise” gun rights lobby. Current House District 11 Rep. Rick Jasperse, who is a member of Georgia Carry, wrote and sponsored the bill. “We have much less restrictive rules on guns in our communities than we in have in the military,” says Hendrix. “Government buildings like the Capitol which have entry security are the only places where guns WON’T be permitted.”  The legislators supporting HB875 are concerned for their own safety but not that of Georgia’s citizens. “What message does that send to businesses thinking of locating or relocating to Georgia?”
    Hendrix has been married to his wife Nora for more than 40 years. They have three adult children and five grandchildren.