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SACS team gives Pickens schools positive review


By Eileen Steinhauer,

Progress Contributor

After spending part of this week reviewing Pickens school operations as part of a regularly scheduled evaluation, the SACS review team is recommending that Pickens schools be accredited this afternoon. The review team is meeting with the school board in a called meeting.

Overall, the review they presented to the board was very positive. The accreditation will be official when the SACS commission votes in June.

It is very important that shools maintain an accredited status for student scholarships and college acceptance of student work. Going into the process, Superintendent Lula Mae Perry expressed confidence that they would meet accreditation requirements, but wanted to be sure the schools look as good as possible.

See full story on the review in next week's print edition.


Bob Rose
+1 #1 Bob Rose 2014-02-06 17:32
Hurray for Pickens schools and for Lula Mae Perry!
+4 #2 E.W. 2014-02-10 14:46
Why so much preparation for this? Shouldn't the schools be doing this every day. These should be done more like health inspections and be unannounced visits. Anybody can put on a show. I want to see what really happens.
Bob Rose
+2 #3 Bob Rose 2014-02-10 19:22
E.W.: What really happens is that American schools don't teach little kids to write the alphabet fluently. My letter proving this will be printed later this week in Pickens Progress!
Bob Rose
0 #4 Bob Rose 2014-02-10 21:12
If Dan Pool doesn't want to publish the Bob Rose letter to the editor, I can easily understand why, but it would be nice for him to let me know. He has my Jasper telephone number. [Editor's Note: It is in the paper this week. I also intend to run the column you sent in an upcoming week.]

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