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Winter storm update: Roads remain horrible

cove road snow

Cove Road remained officially closed this afternoon as well.     



Updated: Pickens Fire Chief Bob Howard said this afternoon, that things have definitely slowed down. He said they have worked only fender benders today and most people are staying off the roads.

Howard cautioned motorists that after dark, everything that has melted will freeze and remain frozen through mid-morning Thursday.

On another note, the Progress should hit newstands tomorrow, a day late due to trucks not being able to roll from Rome.


Emergency crews and sheriff personnel reported this morning that roads in the county remain horrible. All roads are reported as bad. Cove is officially closed at the  S curves.

   Lt. Kris Stancil said the worst problem in many areas are the number of abandoned cars lining roadways, which presents obstacles to the already slick conditions.

   He urged everyone to stay at home.

   Yesterday, emergency crews responded to 40 crashes, transported 3 people to the hospital with injuries requiring treatment but with no fatalities.

   Last night the sheriff office and emergency crews provided transportation for at least 100 people left stuck on roadways throughout the county. Stancil said it could have been as high as 200.

   He said every vehicle that was abandoned was checked by officers and tagged. In a very few cases, drivers chose to remain with their vehicles. Roads are expected to remain very slick throughout the day.



W. Padgett
+3 #1 W. Padgett 2014-01-29 16:56
"abandoned cars lining roadway"!!!

Where else are we to leave them as we walk home!!!! Highway 53 never got salted or scraped and I had to leave my vehicle where it stopped. Now you tell me to stay off the roads!!!!

Salt the roads in a more expediant manner and I'll be glad to move my vehicle!!!
Portia Bergman
+3 #2 Portia Bergman 2014-01-29 18:01
A huge thank you to Steven and Angie for driving me and my three children home from Cove Road after a salt and sand truck slid uncontrollably crashing into our van. It is by the generosity and bravery that we made it safely home.
pinto colvig
+6 #3 pinto colvig 2014-01-29 18:59
thanks to the governor and all his GOP buddies for waiting until AFTER thousands of people were stranded in freezing temperatures to call a state of emergency and urge everyone already on the roads to stay home... these people are brilliant I tell ya...
pinto colvig
+2 #4 pinto colvig 2014-01-29 19:34
and don't believe the lies that 'no one knew it was going to be this bad.' The National Weather Service by 4 a.m. Tuesday was clearly stating that freezing rain, snow and freezing temperatures were likely throughout the day into Wednesday morning... anyone who has lived in GA for even a single winter knows that means roads will be impassable
Marge R
+1 #5 Marge R 2014-01-29 22:31
So if the weather clearly stated 'freezing rain and snow' then why did everyone go out and go to work? And why now "blame" someone else for having to abandon their cars. perhaps blame Mother Nature. The responsibility is ours, our decision to react according to what we want to hear and /or believe. Appears people do the best they can with the information at hand.
D Padgett
+3 #6 D Padgett 2014-01-30 04:26
I grew up on that mountain, drove that road everyday. One of the first things I learned as a kid is that as soon as the snow starts falling in town, if you want to get home, you stop whatever it is you are doing and get your butt up the mountain, otherwise you will be walking. It's just that simple when you live on the mountain.
jerry jameson
+2 #7 jerry jameson 2014-01-30 09:20
listwn folks no matter what you say or how you complain these local first responders and road crews were stretched to their near limits i heard things on the scanner even over from ga 53@108 east by tate to shut it down to the above salt truck accident. gdot for our area was doing all they could as fast as they can. simply put if you feel unsure to make it home leave your car at work wait it out stay home or shoot stop complaining.. help out others as needed and the more help you do the better. we did at the intersection where it was shutdown at ask capt frank reynolds he will vouche for us.. now on the mtn by the overlook its bad just like in ellijay on maddox drive its a skating rink of nothing but ice on both sides of the hill. we made it in 4wd in our silverado with no problems. so yes if you know whatyou are doing and have the right vehicle and power train you can make it. but remwmber when in doubt dont try it out.. always be prepared for anything even last second..
+5 #8 bub 2014-01-30 19:02
Pickens County has responded well to this weather emergency but once again Bent Tree's snow plows have gone unused. If the main arteries like Little Pine, Tamarack, Alpine, etc. had been cleared when the snow first fell there would be no ice pack on the roads now. Its Thursday afternoon and the sun and wind have thawed and dried my driveway but the roads are still untouched.Why are the plows not being used while the temperature is above freezing? Why are the plows put on at the first sign of bad weather and then never used?
0 #9 Cathy 2014-01-30 22:49
Is there a website that lists/describes road conditions in Pickens co. I know that it's best to leave the County when snow is predicted, but it's hard to figure out when roads are passable enough to return.
Roads are mostly clear in neighboring counties, but word if mouth says Cove rd is still closed.

I've checked the govt. website, DOT, etc, but it's hard to find current info.
[Editor's Note: We post other updates and responded to quite a few requests for info (shelter updates, Cove status) on our Facebook page . Feel free to post a query there and chances are a neighbor will answer with their thoughts. Also keep in mind the county topography, Cove, Burnt Mountain and Henderson Mountain, Bent Tree, Big Canoe are usually the worst because of steepness of routes, so you can get a general gauge from what is reported about those areas.]
0 #10 Cath 2014-02-01 02:45
Thanks for the info about your facebook page. I ended up calling the county this morning.

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