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We’ve had low temps, but not record breaking


By William Dilbeck
Progress Weather Contributor

    As you can imagine I've had several calls about the low temperatures that we have encountered and people are wondering what’s the lowest we have ever had in Jasper.
    Well it happened not so long ago in January of 1985. It was -14, on January 21, 1985.

    The next lowest I have ever recorded (well, Dad did -- editor’s note: Before William took over weather duties his father, Howard, provided weather information to the Progress) was -5 in 1958, also in January.
    As you can guess January has always been our coldest month. I believe the lowest ever recorded in Georgia was -17 in 1940 at CCC Camp f-16 in Lafayette, Ga. So we were close to that record in 1985.


0 #1 jerry 2014-01-11 04:45
heyndilbeck can you tellnthe progress theres major issues with their online website going to other parts of the online paper like classifieds

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