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Star Banquet to recognize academic success




The 2013 STAR Banquet is set for Feb. 28, at Chattahoochee Technical College.

The Optimist Club of Jasper is the local sponsor of the STAR Program.

Mollie Shaw has been named the 2013 STAR Student of Pickens High School and she chose Debbie Grimes as her STAR Teacher.



Students - sitting (l-r): Eleanor Boothe, Elizabeth Ray, Mollie Shaw - 2013 STAR Student, Christopher Leicht, Taylor Boggus, Amber Shields, Rebecca Hyatt, David Lee, Brett Robertson, Gabriel Lott; teachers (l-r): Marcia Wright, Lynn Cantrell, Debbie Grimes - 2013 STAR Teacher (not pictured), Gail Culbreth, Tammy Duncan, Kevin Jacobs, Rodney Martin, Will Nix, Angela Quarles, Tony Young.


Steven Wilkie – PHS Teacher and Yearbook advisor / PHOTO


See complete story in this week's edition.


Sen. Gooch Named Chairman of Transportation Committee



Sen. Steve Gooch (R- Dahlonega) has been named Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee for the 2013 - 2014 term by the SenateCommittee on Assignments.


“A strong transportation infrastructure is needed in order to encourage economic development investment and expansion in Georgia. As a former DOT board member and previous secretary of the Senate Transportation Committee, I have been involved in many discussions about the transportation needs of Georgia, and I am looking forward to continuing those discussions with my Senate colleagues,” said Sen. Gooch.


[See article on a recent talk with Senator Gooch and State Rep. Rick Jasperse in this week's print and e-edition now on sale.]


Winners announced in Sassafras Youth Writing Contest


sassafras2012 youth winners

Sassafras members celebrate with winning Youth writers. See winning works here.


Parents, teachers, relatives, and local writers watched as eleven young writers received awards for their winning entries in the Sassafras Literary Exchange Youth Writing Contest on Wednesday evening at the Pickens County Library.  The high quality of the entries resulted in an unprecedented three way tie for third place and five honorable mentions.

See winning works.


New Year’s Resolution to really know yourself

 Have a brutally honest conversation all alone


By Vicki Roberts

Certified Life Coach


            Most of us have had New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, exercise, quit smoking, etc.  Many of us have also gotten to the point where we don’t even attempt to fool ourselves any more, we know we won’t last more than a week or two. 

            I have a suggestion for a new resolution this year. Get to really know yourself. Become as self aware as you possibly can.  

            Most of us don’t even know how little we actually know why we do what we do and how we really feel. The main reason is that we are not truly honest with ourselves. We don’t want to see our faults and inadequacies, let alone try to do something about them. 

            Not everyone is going to like everyone. Some people will get on your nerves and there is nothing you can do about it. But, do you ever admit that sometimes when you don’t like someone, it’s because you see something in them that you don’t like about yourself? 

            Do you dislike lazy people because you hate that you are lazy? Do you find fault with people that judge other people before really knowing them because you do the same?  

            Have you every been really angry but if you dug deeper you would see that what you really are is hurt? If you find you don’t really like aspects of your personality,  you can change. But, before we can change we have to know what we really want to change about ourselves.  


Following veins of history from Pickens to St. Paul


Minnesota history researchers visit local marble industry




 See a video from  Researcher Randy Croce of the “Who Built the Minnesota Capitol Building” project filming at Bethesda Cemetery in Nelson. 


It was an overcast afternoon at Bethesda Cemetery during the last week in October as researcher Randy Croce perched his video camera in front of the marble headstone of Felix Arthur, the first man who was killed in 1898 while working on the Minnesota Capitol building.

Arthur was one of six men who died on the 11-year project after he was caught in a conveyer belt. The others, who were then unprotected by workers’ safety regulations, fell from high places.  

Arthur became a key figure for Croce and his partner David Riehle, two members of the “Who Built the Minnesota Capitol Building” research team, not only because of the role he played in constructing the St. Paul historical site where the researchers live and work, but because the marble used on the 100-plus year old structure was mined in the place Arthur called home - Pickens County, Ga.