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Op-Ed: A mirror might be a millennial's best friend


By Bob Hayles

    The millennials have a problem, but not what you would expect. It is not that they cannot find jobs after they graduate from college, or the financial burden that their college loans put them under. It is not that they are still living at home at an age when past generations had established their own homes and families.
    No, the problem the millennials are having is that they look everywhere for the source of the problem, and the solution, except where they should be looking.
    They should be looking in the mirror.
    The second paragraph of last week's op-ed in the Progress cuts straight to the core of the economic difficulties that millennial's are having: "I had known several college grads who couldn't get well-paying jobs, or jobs in their field of study upon graduation."
    So? Then get a job that isn't a “well-paying job” or one in your field of study and keep looking.  Dough McMillon, Walmart's current CEO, started his post-graduation working life stocking shelves in a grocery store, for heaven's sake!
    Or, if you can't find a job, create one.  For under $200 you can go into the boiled peanut business and I know for a fact it will pay the bills without leaching off mommy and daddy. It kept me fed for five years, so I know.
    When you millennials (or anyone else) say you can't find a job, what you mean is you can't find a job that is what you want to do, that has the hours you want to work, in a place you want to work, with the benefits you want, at the pay you want. 
    Well, you've graduated now, and are in the real world.  Lesson one:  You don't always get what you want, sometimes you take what you can get..  Get over it.
    Frankly, this entitlement attitude is my generation's fault, not the millennials'.  We spoiled you like you were our grandchildren instead of our children.
    We signed you up for soccer leagues that didn't keep score so the losers' feelings wouldn't be hurt.  You got participation trophies regardless of how well...or badly you played.   
    You told us you just HAD to have a cell phone after all, everyone else did.  We knew better from our own youth, but got you one anyway.  Now middle schoolers run around with the latest iPhone at $550 a pop.
    Then there's the cars we bought you.  Look in any high school's parking lot and the student lot has nicer cars than the teacher's lot...and the teacher's WORKED to get theirs.
    Finally, we told you you HAD to go to college to get a good job, so you took out loans you now want the government to pay off for you...because you can't find the job you want.
    Have you considered that doctors, lawyers, MBA's, and other professionals need plumbers, electricians, and auto mechanics?  A plumber charges about $65.00/hr...AFTER the $75.00 service call charge just to show up.
    Oh...and you won't have $100K in an education to learn plumbing.

    [Bob Hayles is a local web design and political blogger who operates, and
 His favorite saying is:  God spreads His grace like a 4 year old spreads peanut butter...He gets it all over the place.]

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