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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
My son Josiah is in the process of starting a stop bullying project at Harmony Elementary. He was inspired because we dealt with a bully last year in school. He wants to help people not be bullied and let people know it's ok to get or ask for help if they are being bullied. It is called The Sticky Note project #stopbullies.
Amy Sassman

Dear Editor:
This past weekend, my  wife and I took another couple to see the Tater Patch production of "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change." We probably missed some of the lines because we were laughing so hard, which was a sign that we thoroughly enjoyed the play. The actors did an excellent job, and the piano accompaniment was consistently wonderful as well.
    The only disappointment of the night was the large number of empty seats. The theater is small, so it is sad that there was not better participation from the Jasper community. The folks at Tater Patch work hard for little reward other than the appreciation from the audience, so please do them and yourselves a big favor by going out to see these performances!
Gerald Hunter

Dear Editor:
  I wish someone smarter than me would explain this.
    I came back from Ellijay the other day and found a new traffic light at Philadelphia Road...

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