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Letters to the Editor

Letter to Columnist
Alan Gibson:
    I enjoyed your April 28 column -  "History can be interesting," but it does get old after a while....
    As a member of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane car club, 1909 is a special year to me because that is when the Hudson Motor Company was created.  I always say it was a wise thing to have named it after J.L. Hudson, the department store magnate who provided the capital; had they named it for the head of engineering, it would have been the Coffin Motor Company.  "Everyone is Dyin' to drive a Coffin...!"
Phil Waldrop

Letter to the Editor:
    I first came to Pickens County in 1974. I worked for Liberty Life of Greenville SC as the manager at Bent Tree. I have loved the town, the county and the people from the very beginning. Over the years I have lived here twice, still enjoy a mountain home here.

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