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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
    Another Veterans Day has passed and, as a military retiree, it thrills me to see and experience the support and recognition being paid to veterans. Even though I have been retired for 27 years, each year I receive more and more calls, texts and e-mails thanking me for my service and I am grateful for each and every one I receive.
    I believe though that it’s time to recognize and thank another group of American heroes - the spouses of veterans.
    For most of my Air Force career I was a loadmaster. This required me to be away from home station much of the time. Time away ranged from several hours to several months at a time. I became convinced that there was some device in the aircraft which, as soon as the tires left the runway, would transmit a signal to my house causing the wheels to fall off the car, most of the household appliances to fail and the kids to come down with various illnesses. And I won’t go into all the holidays, children’s activities, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and all  other important events I missed through the years....
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