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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
   In my view you are flogging the wrong horse in the editorial labelled Bad Apple (September 8). You state clearly that Apple did not break any laws or rules in establishing a business in Ireland and also that Ireland has clearly benefited from the relationship. So what's wrong??
    The European Union would like to lay their hands on some of this largesse but whether this will fly in a court of law is an entirely different matter. Probably this is exactly why BREXIT happened: the Brits were tired of the EU overstepping its limits and passing laws to suit themselves, so the UK decided to leave. As I see it Apple/Ireland acted well
within their rights, therefore why are you picking on Apple?
    If your comments concern the reality that Apple should pay at least some of these taxes in the USA, that is easily resolved, but neither the President, Congress or the Senate have the courage to fix that problem: US corporation tax is pretty much the highest in the world which is well know to the parties I have mentioned above and therefore corporations, for the benefit of their stockholders, try to avoid taxes wherever and however possible. That is legitimate as long as they do not break the rules. The solution is equally clear:
reduce the corporate tax level in the USA to say 20% instead of around 40. At that level corporations will cease to look for ways around tax, get on with their business and the tax coffers will fill to overflowing. I take the opportunity to quote from a letter to the Wall Street Journal September 13th by Jacob Lew, the US Treasury Secretary: "But the fundamental problem remains: America's broken business tax system. The Apple decision and the bi-partisan reaction to it, may present a new opportunity to make reform a reality."
    I often do not agree with Secretary Lew but in this instance we could not agree more.
    Whilst I am on this, offer an amnesty to all companies holding monies overseas  taxing them at  say 10% for every penny they repatriate. We can then afford the President's vacation trips to Hawaii and have something left over.
Peter T. de Kok.

Dear Editor:
The Sorry Class
Do you ever look around and just get mad. The cause of much of my anger is about the very small percentage of my fellow citizens who cause the rest of us so many problems. We spend a fortune on about 5 % of the population who are just sorry to the bone. They were born sorry, live sorry and will likely go to their maker sorry.

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