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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
   I wouldn't be doing this if I were not enraged. It's against my nature. It enrages me to see an assault on Christ and the slaughter of the innocent children. I sometimes imagine Christ hanging on the cross because of a bunch of insane Romans. Every time a child is aborted or killed on the road by a drunk Christ is crucified all over again.
    Sometimes I imagine millions of Americans being led into hell by the Supreme Court, Obama, and his people and it is too bitter to contemplate. The Bible is real and it shows us the truth. The thought of millions of girls thinking evil is ok, then they die and are suddenly faced with the flames of hell shrieking and weeping is not a pretty thought. If you think too long on it, it makes you cry.
    The Bible doesn't lie because it seeks to save us from the horrors it warns us of. It is so graphic and clear in what it conveys because it seeks to save us.
When we are enraged, we will attack the offending evil in a right and Christian way--literature. You can not worship Christ and have fear. Fear is not from God but from the devil.
Billy Joe Parker

Dear Editor:
  What can you expect as a veteran regarding VA health care? I am a retired Infantry Colonel who served in War Zone C with the US Army Rangers when Agent Orange was being sprayed on the Saigon River Corridor near the Bo Lo Woods...

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