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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
  Congratulations to the Speed Burger on their 50th Anniversary! Forty-five years ago, ours was a one-income, one-car, one-child household. Needless to say, my husband had the use of that one car to get to work. That left me home with our son all day, every day, with no way to get around. By Friday afternoon we were raring to go. Our time out on the town was to go eat at the Speed Burger (it was cheaper fare and good food) then go get groceries. I even remember what we usually ordered. A footlong hot dog, half plain and half with slaw. More bang for the buck!
    Speed Burger was what kept me going in those days. I had that to look forward to each week. Thanks Speed Burger! You were my life-saver in those days and we still enjoy going there from time to time. Some things just never get old. May you, and we, have many more years together.

Gratefully yours,
Ruth Parker

Dear Editor:
  I disagree strongly with you advocacy of in-school drivers’ education.  First, a few statistics:
    The number one killer of teenagers is car accidents.  About 6,000 a year....


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