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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Following are some observations about voting:
    I was sick at home shortly after John F. Kennedy was elected president. Tom Champion came to visit. I knew it was rude to ask someone who they voted for so I asked, “Who did you vote for Tom?” He gave a very astute answer. He said, “The best man!” This would be a good response if queried by an exit pollster.
    Fast forward to the mid-’70s, someone on the radio said, There has never been a president from Georgia.” How cool would that be! I paid no attention to what his core beliefs or values - Oh no - he was from Georgia. So I voted for Jimmy Carter and he was elected.
    The first thing he did in office was pardon the draft dodgers that had fled to Canada! I was shocked. Forget having a draft again; if you don’t like the idea of being shot at with an AK-47, just go to Canada and wait until a liberal is in office after the war.
    In 2008, along comes a black man; a refreshing change from the Clintons. How many people thought, “I’ll vote for him to show I’m not a racist?” he was elected.
    As Dr. Phil says, “How did that work out?”
    The lesson should be clear: Just because someone is Sam Nunn’s daughter or Jimmy Carter’s grandson, does not mean they would be good for America or Georgia.
    I fear some would vote for Hilary Clinton just because she is a woman and ignore the fact she would have the same political agenda as President Obama.
    In an ideal world, people would judge or vote according to the character of a candidate’s heart, not the color of their skin or gender, just like Dr. Martin Luther King said.

Hugh Pendley

Dear Editor:
On behalf of the State Bar of Georgia, I would like to offer congratulations to Appalachian Judicial Circuit Superior Court Chief Judge Brenda S. Weaver...


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