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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
  I am very pleased with the County Commission’s decision to deny special exception to the road ordinances. [Board denies request from Talking Rock developers, April 23rd edition]   
    These ordnances were put in place to protect the county, the landowners, and the land.  They have functioned effectively throughout the county. 
    I suspect that this developer may have thought he could slip this one through since the land is “way out” in West Pickens County.  
    Well, we love our rolling hills, beautiful green pastures, and wilderness areas. We don’t want our community standards determined by what a developer thinks is a good idea for West Pickens.
    They claimed using gravel roads would help “maintain a rural feeling.” What a bunch of nonsense.
    What they really wanted was a way to make more money by disregarding the ordinances that everyone has been obeying since 2000.  
    Thank you Commissioners for protecting Pickens County from substandard development.

Robin Tondra

Dear Editor:
It has taken years for Native people to be lent a forum to undo a 500 year history of mischaracterization and Native people are not without humor because its an ingrained part of their culture. “Dances with Wolves” was not a comedy but it was tastefully laced with humor.

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