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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Been keeping an eye on your coverage of County Tax Millage Rate controversy -
    A smarter guy than me once gave the advice that to convince someone of your point-of-view, the best thing to do is ask them a series of questions and lead them to the conclusion you wish for them to make. That may be the best way to examine a different viewpoint on why Pickens County homeowners aren’t happy about property taxes; so here goes:
    1) Has anyone else ever really looked at their tax bill?
    2) What percentage of your tax bill is going to support the county government?
    3) What percentage of your tax bill is going to support the county school system?
    4) Are you aware that the locally-elected school board sets the millage rate for school taxes?
    5) If approximately ¾ of your tax bill is going to support the school system, why are you yelling at the county commissioners and not even grumbling at the school board?
    6) How many concerned citizens were expressing their opinions at the last school board meeting?
    7) Is the school system such a Sacred Cow that no one even dares to examine their spending?
    It’s kind of funny to see articles in your paper about people outraged at what they consider wasteful spending alongside articles about new computers (that get stolen) and new software (that doesn’t work) and new busses (that cost more than your house) and new buildings (that cost more than everybody’s houses) and new administrators (that make a whole lot more than almost anyone else in the county) and new programs and new...
    I like to imagine that situation as an 800 pound gorilla quietly chucking as he eats another banana and goes comfortably about his business.

Tim Brooks
Dear Editor:

This is addressed to the Pickens County commissioners who recently decided to increase the property taxes by 5.56 percent against almost unanimous opposition against raising them...

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