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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
For years I have enjoyed reading the John Rosemond articles in the Progress. 
    Dr. Rosemond’s articles about parenting and child training give a common-sense approach that works far better than many of the ideas commonly adopted in the 1970s and ’80s.
    It would help us teachers at school and help our community if parents would adopt Dr. Rosemond’s attitude toward child rearing. In short, the parents should be in charge, not the children.
    I have bought several of his books (The Well-Behaved Child, etc.) even though our own children are grown, and am so encouraged by his support of PARENTS. Parents can make rules in the home and can require good behavior and increasing responsibilities, whether they are about homework or about manners in public.
    Children are not born knowing what is best for them and benefit from instruction and limits.
    Many thanks to the Pickens Progress for yet another great feature!
                    Your fan,
Marcia Jasperse

Dear Editor:
I wanted to write and let you know a little about ACES (Appalachian Children's Emergency Shelter) located in Jasper. I am not a staff member, I simply know they have a need and try to help when I can. The shelter is located right beside Habitat for Humanity (behind the old hospital). This shelter is able to house up to 8 kids at a time and needs donations year round.
    They get half their funding from the state and the other half is in the air. They do their best to keep these kids smiling, healthy and happy in some of the worst times of their lives. Some kids come in with nothing, the clothes they have on are their only belongings. They are not placed there for their actions. Situations out of their control are the reason they need a place to stay.
    They do have a website for the shelter and there is a paypal link. The link can be for a one time donation or there is a “make this monthly” button. It would help so much if the Progress would do a story on this shelter or help spread the word. The goal is to get as many people donating either time, material or money. Monthly monetary donations are the best, the staff at the shelter can provide clothes, food and needed items. The donations are tax deductible.
    These kids are local and need our help, let’s show them the support they deserve.
    The website for the shelter is

Kirk Raffield

Dear Editor:
I would like th thank Mt. Zion Baptist Church and Pastor Ben Mock for hosting the “Who Will Stand Rally.” It was a truly inspiring program and reaffirmed for me that God was indeed at the core of our great nation’s founding. Thank you again to all who made this program possible.

Angela Ervin


Dear Editor:
Well, last week Mr. Cagle pretty much covered the idiotic skin color accusations of Charles Hendrix against Republicans who oppose Obama.  Other than pointing out that the office he seeks is a state, not national office, I don’t think we need to chastise Mr. Hendrix any more...on that topic.
    Besides, there is plenty more reason to not even consider Mr. Hendrix when entering the voting booth on November 4.
    Given that the fine editor of the Progress isn’t likely to give this letter the three to four pages it would take to cover all the reasons Mr. Hendrix is unsuited for public office in Pickens County, I’ll struggle with myself and limit it to only one...

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