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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Re: “Hello Girl” Nelson-Ball Ground Telephone Office
    In response to Larry Cavender’s article which appeared in the June 2nd edition of the Progress.
    I was not only a “Hello Girl,” I lived in the two rooms in the back with my husband, Roger Bealer Ingram, in 1946.
    We had the telephone office from 5 p.m. until 8 a.m. and weekends. In the evening my husband took care of the switchboard while I cooked our dinner. The accompanying photo was taken while we were sitting on the front steps of the building with our little dog.
    Laura Perry was the day operator. She was a very good person. She taught me to answer the switchboard by asking, “Number please?”
    Mr. and Mrs. Cook were two great people. Mr. Cook installed a bell over the switchboard to wake us if we were needed after we went to bed. One morning at 3 or 4 o’clock someone was knocking on our door. We answered and someone needed to make a call. It was Dimple Buffington and her brother. Mr. Cook put the bell over the head of our bed. Good idea.
    One day a gentleman called the switchboard and I said, “Number please?” He said, “Ring my house.” He didn’t give a number. I knew his voice and I said, “I can’t because your wife is talking to someone now.” He said, “plug me in, I need to talk with my wife.” I said, “If I do I will be able to listen in and no one else can call in. He said, “that’s okay.” His name was Steve Tate.
    Christine Ingram

Dear Editor:
  Budget Bias
    The school board’s new budget proposals of the Parent Involvement Coordinator and the new Communications Liaison positions both overlap, therefore one of the two is unnecessary. Formerly the P.I.C. got paid $30,000 and now $80,000 at the stroke of a pen (and a school board vote on the budget) an increase of $50,000....


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