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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
    As you so wonderfully established in your editorial about Pickens County’s ongoing marble legacy, a missed opportunity does not have to be a lost opportunity [Pickens County must unearth marble heritage, page 2A, July 10, 2014].
    If just a few of the county’s elected and selected leaders would make eye contact with those of us working enthusiastically to raise awareness about the historical and cultural resources that we have, Jasper and Pickens County would hum like a well oiled generator.
    Comfort zones can be dangerous places to languish. Too easy to get type cast.  A dynamic community is much more likely to attract interest than a stagnant one. The empirical “What if” we created an ad hoc committee of creative thinkers to draft a 1-3-5 year plan to revitalize our county? Scary to some but might just be the wake up alarm we need.
    Love the Progress.

Michal Brock

Dear Editor:
  I read with great interest the article on marble quarrying in Tate/North Georgia and the possibility of improving the museum in Nelson to attract more tourism [Editorial Pickens County must unearth marble heritage, Page 2A July 10].

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