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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
I agree with your editorial of what you would like to see during the next year, especially the part about the junction of Hwy. 515 and Hwy. 53 West. It would be a great improvement with a lovely landscape with flowers, but if that is not in the realm, at least could it not be kept mown, especially during the Marble Festival? If you want people to turn in during these times we need to show ourselves in the most positive light we can instead of having weeds head high.
    If I invite people to come see me, I would at least put on an inviting facade so that when they came by they would not possibly think that no one lives here and that they must have the wrong address. No wonder we are a drive by county with people continuing north thinking there is no reason to stop. This, by the way, is called curb appeal. You could have the most wonderful time waiting for your guests but if it doesn’t look too inviting at your front door, no one will know what they are missing if they don’t see an attractive entrance.
    Also, could you put on your list a welcome center located somewhere on Hwy. 515? I know we have the chamber of commerce but we need a more convenient place so people coming by can purchase things pertaining to our county. Possibly something made of marble since we are supposedly the marble capital. I really don’t know anywhere one could suggest to go for a visitor to buy a marble keepsake unless it is at the chamber of commerce. We could have other items made by local residents available for purchase, also. Just a thought.
    Ruth Parker

Dear Editor:
Why are we Provoking Russia?
    Years ago as a young Cavalry Troop commander I faced the Soviet  Russians in a place called the Tann pocket in West Germany. I and my 150 men would likely have been in a terrible battle if peace had not been maintained. The threat stopped when the Soviet Union fell apart. 
    In retrospect we now know that the Soviets had no serious intentions of moving further into Europe. They wanted standoff territory against the European powers. They looked at the problem from the other side and were concerned that the western nations would try and invade Russia yet again, just as the French and the Germans had done before. Millions of their people died in those invasions.

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