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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
  While President Obama is vowing to defy our immigration laws with another executive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, most Americans are apparently unaware of the endless war on any immigration enforcement conducted by the ACLU.
    It’s true that we are only middle-class Americans seeking justice in our own country, but we hope to add our voice in support of strict enforcement and to beg the Georgia congressmen to speak up on Obama’s amnesty.
    Recently Azedeh Shahshahani of the ACLU  and Adelina Nichols from a Georgia “human rights” group were featured in several news outlets around the nation, including in the AJC, describing the all too-effective federal ‘Secure Communities’ program as having “troubling patterns … that involved racial discrimination, and indiscriminate targeting of immigrants.”
    While not as strict as immigration enforcement in Mexico, the Secure Communities program works toward locating illegal aliens in the nation’s jails because of arrests for additional crimes. All foreign inmates’ fingerprints are shared with DHS. The endless race-baiting from the “caring, progressive” left is not fooling anyone who doesn’t want to be fooled. Identifying illegals under local arrests is supposed to have them deported before they commit even more crimes, like murder or rape.
    Killed by an illegal alien in 2000, our only child, Dustin Inman, is forever 16 because his killer was released after previous contact with local law enforcement.
    Obama wants to end the Secure Communities program as part of his amnesty  decree this year.
    We fully understand the concept of “family separation” and we know that Obama granting amnesty to more illegal aliens will cost American lives.
    Along with the business big shots who fund them, Shahshahani’s and Nichols’ shameless mission to end common-sense enforcement is the same as spitting on the grave of our beloved son Dustin and in the faces of the hundreds of thousands of American families who have lost loved ones to illegal immigration.
    It looks like we are the outcasts and the illegal aliens are the victims. We want to know why more Georgians don’t seem to be outraged and why we cannot hear the Republicans from Georgia who we send to Washington DC speaking up for normal law-abiding middle class Americans like us.
Billy & Kathy Inman

Dear Editor:
Again this year my wife and I celebrated Veterans Day at Fatz with a free entree for the veterans. Fatz pretty much had a full house from noon on and it was great to talk to each other and share our stories...

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